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A modern meeting space with the style to match your business. This space is the perfect retreat location to unplug and generate the next big idea.  It can be a stunning starting place for property evaluation, project walk through and status updates, or to meet and greet potential clients or buyers.  Or it can be an office away from the office.  Go to the client if they can't come to you.



Our refurbished 1972 Airstream has ample space for your meeting.  The front can be efficiently configured with a conference table and seating for up to six people.  Additional seating at a built in bench and chair can fit a few more.  A 40 inch TV is perfectly located for presentations or working meetings.  Extensive counter space, a refrigerator, and a sink can easily accommodate your food and beverage needs throughout the day.  No need to worry about too much coffee, in the back is a full bathroom.  Accommodations include: air conditioning, heating, TV, and a Bluetooth ready stereo for adding ambience.  Additional features can include satellite internet, food and beverage for attendees, and a vintage awning with outdoor seating to take a break and enjoy the outdoors.

Furnished pictures coming soon.




We are always interested in meeting your needs.  Tell us how we can serve you better.

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Costs are determined by type of usage, length of stay and location.  Base pricing starts at $95/hr with a 3 hr minimum but can vary greatly.   We strive to accommodate a broad range of events so contact us for more information.